Florida House Bill 1319



As we get more and more into the understanding of how short life really is, I must focus on the key reasons why we young must respect our elders. Nothing hurts more than watching a living human being suffer, no matter what the age. Yet, the individuals that were, for the most part, responsible for the upbringing and as grandmother used to say RAISING of an individual., it's very very hard to think that our elderly are being treated pathetically, neglected and abused. Even I am focusing on the current issues in the State of Florida, AND I will not stop from walking arm in arm with the PATRIOTS that intend to find out, Who is doing this heinous act, What can we do about it, When are the key principals going to STAND TALL and act on it briskly. Where is the support we need from everyone? How can we all help stop what is happening!!?

Well, here is some information I have found out (p.s. I ALWAYS DO MY BEST TO REPORT FACTS).

Two years ago, a team of Miami Herald investigative reporters unveiled a true-life horror story. Frail, vulnerable Floridians are being neglected, abused and even killed in assisted-living facilities ("Neglected to Death," April 30, 2011). The state is failing to protect them. The Herald documented 70 deaths between 2002 and 2011, and hundreds of shocking neglect cases.

You may be financially set to live out your life, you may have family or friends to ensure you live on your own or with someone, and/or you just don't care! Well, It's probably at least 2 out of three! Yet, sometime you just might have to ask for OR as a 1st Responder, GIVE YOU LIFE support.

I urge you to use your leadership to get the Florida House of Representatives to vote on House Bill 1319 by Representative Eddy Gonzalez. The bill seeks to make changes to Assisted Living Facilities making them safer for Floridians. Under Florida Law, s. 11.043, F.S., all information included in communications directed to the Legislature and legislators is public record.

These are the elected officials that are totally aware of the situation. WE PATRIOTS HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE FOR OUR ELDERLY. We need your help to make Assisted Living Facilities safer for Floridians!


Representative Will W. Weatherford

Representative Joe Saunders

Representative Eduardo 'Eddy' Gonzalez

Representative Richard M. Corcoran

Thank you for the attention you give to this matter. If you are a TRUE PATRIOT, you support and want to care about our elderly., no matter what state of America you live, it's our duty to help support the cause. REMEMBER: This could be you someday, needing help from these assisted-living facilities.