A Fight for His Life Against Hodgkins



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PLEDGE4PATRIOTS thanks the donors, who STAND TALL and contributed to Jake's treatment costs! The family has been able to get him everything he needed to fight Hodgkin's, and he has just finsihed his 5th round of chemotherapy. His treatment plan included re-staging his cancer with a PET scan a few weeks ago. Great news was there is an overall decrease in the size and no new growth!!! But, our support is not quite out of the woods as of yet.  The testings showed some concern for a few lymph nodes that didn't respond exactly. After his most recent biopsy, the doctor wants to move into second-line therapy and begin a new treatment to destory this cancer once and for all. With the Hodgkin's being refractory to current treatment, Jake will begin a new, and stronger, chemotherapy next week. After he finishes the chemo, he will be going down to the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa to receive Stem Cell Rescue Therapy. He will have to spend a month down in Tampa for this treatment as Jake cannot leave the hospital. Jake's spirits are high and our family is fighting!!!


As Jake is fighting for his life, we ask for any donation to help Jake through this battle so that once and for all, Jake will be cured. Donations will go to treatment costs. The family and Jake thank you for all you have done and continue to do. Let's kick cancer's ass, GO TEAM JAKE!

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