Merry Christmas

CALLING ALL PATRIOTS: From the Director...

As we come together this week with our dearest loved ones, please take the time to stop for a couple of minutes and say a prayer to the PATRIOTS that are not getting the chance to enjoy this special holiday. We at are asking the ones that can share, to remember that this is your last year to donate up to $100,000.00 and receive a tax exempt receipt. PLEDGE4PATRIOTS INC. is a 501c3 licensed, tax exempt, and trademarked non-profit organization, Supporting the 1st Responders, Active Military, Veterans & Families (including the homeless, helpless, handicapped, and spiritual needy) and support institutions that teach, protect and procure the artifacts and memoirs of our forefathers.

Disaster could hit at anytime. And, if you are a PATRIOT ready to give and walk side by side, then WE SUPPORT THE CAUSE.

Have a Merry Christmas and let's bring in the new year with a vision and mission helping one another to keep a smile on not only your face, but a person that truly needs it.