Making Thanksgiving A Little Better

Boy, are we ready for the holidays. It has been a tough year for just about everybody. A bad economy, a divisive election, plenty of natural disasters and the uncertainties of our future prosperity, all weigh heavily on our society. We have seen these random acts of kindness all over our great land but none so compelling as the efforts toward Hurricane Sandy relief in the Northeast. We’ve seen the devastation now estimated at over $50 Billion, more than half of that in New York/New Jersey alone. Both government and the private sector were overwhelmed and even at the time of this post many people still don’t have power. But it’s true fellow Patriots, tough times bring out the best in Americans! People helping people who need it most—that’s when Pledge4Patriots president and founder, Kevin Keen stepped up to support the cause with the help of so many fellow Patriots. In Kevin's words, the relief project began to fall into place, "About a week ago, Jackie Andresen contacts Pledge4Patriots. She suggests to do a Fundraiser Relief for the hurricane Sandy victims. A U-HAUL is rented by PLEDGE4PATRIOTS. Donation Drop-off sites are established. Members and volunteers congregate, as flyers and press releases are sent out. From West Colonial to East Colonial, UHaul to Trick Shots to the Russell Home Thrift Shop... As God followed the I-95 SURVIVE SANDY DRIVE U-HAUL to the Grace and Peace church in Tom's River, New Jersey, We wish to give thanks to all that donated, with love, attention, and caring, ensuring that the truck arrived safely to the Jersey Shore. Angelina, Dene, and Vinnie Terhune, from Brick, New Jersey, who were such great supportive PATRIOTS. Opening a door, feeding and supplying a shower and a place to lay a head, is more than anyone can ask for in hospitality. proved that whether it be a tornado, earthquake, and YES a HURRICANE...if we receive your humble donations, PLEDGE4PATRIOTS will surely do its' best, to touch a needy persons heart. We did what was expected and delivered needy items to the victims in need. Our vision and mission will continue, as does our motto..."WE SUPPORT THE CAUSE"! Please support those who supported us: Please support the cause on Facebook at: