Toys for Tots


"We Support The Cause"

On behalf of the Board of Directors for Pledge4Patriots, I would like to extend an open arm for your support with our first holiday fundraiser.

On Easter Day 2011, a vision and mission came true, to work with the First Responders, Active Military, Veterans/Families (including the homeless, helpless, handicapped and spiritual needy) and the private patriotic institutions that protect and procure the artifacts and memoirs of our forefathers, i.e. museums, came to fruition. Pledge4Patriots Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit, trademarked, organization in the states of Florida and Missouri.

If it's an earth quake, tsunami, hurricane, tornado, or a child in need, a citizen of the USA must be a PATRIOT and do whatever it takes, one person at a time, to help support the cause.

Please join us 'WE SUPPORT THE CAUSE' with TOYS FOR TOTS collecting donations for children that deserve a smile on Christmas Day. Spread the word and participate with our fundraiser at...

The Lucky Lure
1427 Orange Ave, Orl, FL (Lake Lucerne and Orange Ave)
Thursday, December 19, 2013.
5pm to midnight

We have dubbed this fundraiser as an evening with...

As we build a foothold for our vision and mission, we will putting together TV, radio, billboard and print/internet campaigns in support of our mission.

We respectfully ask you to bring a new/wrapped toy and/or make a cash donation, just do whatever you can. Remember, it could be that you know someone in need one day, and we will be there to help support the cause!

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Please refer to the attachments, pass them on, become a sponsor, help us find a sponsor, get others to join in, or just come enjoy the show.


There is nothing more precious in this life knowing when we share...we care!

Our motto is "WE SUPPORT THE CAUSE!" Please open the door and give whatever you can when we knock!

Online donations can be made by or call

On behalf of Orlando Musicians, The Lucky Lures, and Pledge4Patriots, we look forward to meeting and greeting you at this joyous holiday event. Whatever it takes, just stop in and say Merry Christmas to a fellow Patriot.

Thank you for your support!


Pledge4Patriots Inc.