Best Thanksgiving Ever

Boy, are we ready for the holidays. It has been a tough year for just about everybody. A bad economy, a divisive election, plenty of natural disasters and the uncertainties of our future prosperity, all weigh heavily on our society. We have seen these random acts of kindness all over our great land but none so compelling as the efforts toward Hurricane Sandy relief in the Northeast. We've seen the devastation now estimated at over $50 Billion, more than half of that in New York/New Jersey alone.

CAP Alert

Even though the Spirit of Halloween is here, the scary events that have caused tragedy and heartache the last days from Hurricane Sandy are just not to be forgotten. Pledge4Patriots is asking for your giving and donations for our members and volunteers to do what we PATRIOTS can do to help support the cause. We are sending out CALLING ALL PATRIOTS (CAP alerts) for the serious needy, so we can try and do what we can to help them. We will be posting CAP ALERTS on